Our collection comprises of exquisite scarves, stoles and shawls made from natural fibres including cashmere, fine wool and silk. Before being transported to the UK each cashmere scarf is made from soft fibres which are extracted from the undercoat of cashmere goats found in the Himalayan regions of Northern India and Nepal. After combing the cashmere our producers send it for spinning and dying by our experienced artisans based in Kathmandu. This process has been honed and passed down through generations dating back to 3000 years BC. Our fine wool scarves are also produced following a similar process with the wool sourced from the Himalayan sheep. Our collection has been thoughtfully curated with each item being handpicked, ensuring the essence of the local culture is kept alive while adhering to our philosophy and commitment to only provide authentic, ethically sourced cashmere and wool scarves.