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Our Story

Satya Selection is a sustainable online fashion brand that offers a diverse range of high quality scarves and clothes from India and Nepal. Satya is derived from the Sanskrit meaning 'truthfulness'. The name seeks to reflect our uncompromising commitment to provide authentic pieces that are ethically sourced with complete transparency regarding the precise material and its origin. 

Our Passion is rooted in providing an insight into countries such as Nepal and India that are steeped in rich artistic history. Our pieces are a combination of our own designs and hand selected scarves acquired from local artisans, whose skills are passed down within families and honed through time honored traditions. 

The premise of our philosophy lies in promoting a sustainable approach to fashion by creating pieces that forgo transient trends in favour of timeless style and longevity. We regard quality as the foundation for sustainability and strive to produce refined pieces made from natural fibres that will stand the test of time. Our design repetoire is based on an awe inspiring look that incorporates and 'east meets west' feel. At the heart of the collection is a minimalistic classical style that is elegant with a touch of bohemian to distinguish it from other quality brands.